Wednesday, 19 June 2013

#MCXTALENT2013  #EVENTREVIEW by Gaynor Tutani

One of the biggest mistakes that one can ever do is read a review of an event they intend to review. I am sure you can all think of many reasons why it is not advisable, yet I found myself reading Claire Cripps’ account of MusicConnex’s Showcase held on the 1st of June. Was it a mistake? Absolutely not! I actually pictured myself having a conversation with her about the performances over a few glasses of wine if not bottles, trying to explain the amazing experience I believe we both had from the marvellous musicianship presented on the night. Claire’s ability to review all 7 acts microscopically yet concise is admirable. She successfully painted a vivid picture of the night and as I read it I felt like I was back at the Flyover, being surrounded by similar souls; music lovers, and people driven by passion. Like she said, “the atmosphere was electric” and it left me buzzing for days. I have never been to such a showcase whereby each act is pure perfection. Some might view this as maybe an exaggeration, however, I can assure you that it is far from it, MusicConnex know their stuff when it comes to music and I am not surprised given their history.
As I arrived, Honey Larochelle the headline walked passed me, smiled, and said “hello” casually like she knew me. I coolly greeted her but I will not deny that I was surprised. She had a bubbly buzz far from a diva and this was the prelude for all the artists. They were all pleasant and sociable with captivating stage presence, bold personalities which somewhat had an effect of reflecting who they are through their music and this is what stood out for me. I believe that the effect or rather essence of quality music can reveal one’s own identity so it was such a good feeling having the artists share parts of themselves.
Charlene the first act and host had a feminine poise that calmed me. Her sound was soothing, and her music has a feel good factor which makes you think of love or rather what it can be. The follow up Nate Williams has ‘the boy next door’ look so you can easily underestimate his ability but his vocals awakens you and you just cannot help but smile from the surprise once he starts singing. He is like that unexpected gift whose humbleness makes you admire his talents even more. As for Sherry Davis, apparently she was ill on the night. I am not denying her illness but it did not resonate what so ever! Artists that show up and deliver regardless of any setbacks, coupled with sweet melodies deserve respect and she earned mine. At this point all three acts had me reeling with joy. The music was just absolutely incredible. I have no favourite performance however, Izzy Bizu’s set stuck with me. The night before I randomly saw her on a train but I did not know her then. She had a skateboard next to her, with her ripped jeans revealing scars on her knees. As I sat opposite her I found myself admiring the care free attitude that boasted from her demeanour thus when I noticed that she was the girl from the previous night, I was at awe. Not only because of her incredible vocal ranges but because she had the same alluring element that exudes stardom. She is definitely one to watch out for!
The following three ladies took the night to greater heights. Tasita D’mour takes the stage as her own home. It all appears natural to her that one can think singing is simple. I felt like I was at a Diana Ross and the Supreme concert, her voice is just a power house. At this stage, as I write I am not sure how I will describe Acantha Lang and Honey, and I feel that I may not have the words to express my own excitement. They were just born to perform! Acantha is full of emotion given her blues background. Every song has a story that you wish you could have a day with her just to find out more. She is that type of artist that you may not know her music when you first hear her, but after, you cannot be anything but a fan.
Honey blazed the night, with her red hair, red lips, everything about her was fire! She has a playful persona and she is very open too. She knows how to engage with a crowd and just be herself. She definitely gave me the “Yes Feeling” with every song she performed l related to the words and the meaning behind the songs which I am sure many people did. She loves, she lives and she is just comfortable with who she is that one cannot help but love her.
It has been 2 weeks after the showcase yet I am still able to visualise it, the whole night was a fantastic experience including the vibrating crowd and I have to give credit to the house band. I will definitely not forget it and I am already looking forward to the next showcase; 20th July I know where I will be!


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