Wednesday 20 August 2014

#MCXLiveArtistSpotlight: Gwendolyn Collins

Gwendolyn Collins

A native of New Jersey, Gwendolyn Collins was blessed with the gift of song. Her distinctive style moves effortlessly  between  genres whilst always staying true to her trademark soulful flavour.

From  performing  as  lead  songstress  for  large national  and international bands, to accompanying intimate Jazz trios, Gwendolyn has cultivated her talent through heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals.

Her  hard  work  and  experience  during  her formative  years  can  be heard  throughout her lush  debut  offering,  ‘Storytelling  Side  I’.  This
musical  storytelling  album  treats  listeners  to  a compilation  of  soul stories, infused with her individual style of rich vocals, and melodic harmonies, developed through sophisticated sultry Jazzy Soul. 

The album’s lead single, ‘The Simple Things’ hit the top 5 in both the UK and Nigerian charts proving that Collins’ singular vision can also achieve notable  commercial  success.  ‘Storytelling Side  I’ showcases Gwendolyn’s  considerable  song-writing  and  production  talents  and sets  the  stage for  the first  act  in  a  career  that will  demand many encores. 

Check out the her out on YouTube and see her live in London, Paris, Liverpool and Birmingham with MusicConnex.

#MCXLiveArtistSpotlight: Dolla Lova

Dolla Lova


Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, there is an infectious groove in Dolla Lova’s music that is inescapable. Influenced in equal parts by Hip-hop and pure organic Soul, the trio presents a sound that is both fresh and nostalgic. This distinctive style – affectionately dubbed Soul-Hop by the band – comes from years of hard work, playing as a backing band for various established Finish artists and Dolla Lova’s careful study of their chosen genres.


Their debut album “Fall For You”, released in 2013 showed that the band’s hard work and dedication paid off in spectacular fashion. Praised as one of the best new modern soul albums to come out of Scandinavia in recent years (, “Fall For You” is Dolla Lova’s statement of excellence; soulful and engaging throughout.


Thanks the mass of well deserved blog hype that followed the album’s release, “Fall For You” the group has been eager to present their unique and modern soul sound outside of Scandinavia. Performing in the UK for the first time for MusicConnex Live, it won’t be long before you’re in love with DollaLova!


Tuesday 5 August 2014

MusicConnex Live - 'The Soul Exchange'

MusicConnex Live From Paris, France

Friday 26th September at Bizz'Art

With performances from
Algebra Blessett and special guests -  Gwendolyn Collins and Sulpacio Jones


MusicConnex Live From London

Sunday 28th September at The Jazz Café


With live performances from;
Algebra Blessett,  USA
Sulpacio Jones, USA
Dolla Lova, Finland
Imaani , UK
Gwendolyn Collins, USA

@JMSoul Friday's 9pm

Mr Undercover

Stanley T (Atra)

Doors: 7:00pm

Tickets available here!

MCXLive Spotlight: Imaani

Imaani is one of the UK’s most established soul vocalists. Never failing to charm with her resonant, versatile vocals, her solo career has been extensive with numerous releases both in the Soul and Dance music genres.  Imaani has provided hits for acts like the Reel People, Down to the Bone, Copyright and The Layabouts with tracks like Amazing’ ‘Wiseman’ and the gorgeous ‘Found my light’. And her emotive lead vocals grace no less than nine of the celebrated jazz funk band Incognito albums. 
Imaani even has Pop Music kudos for coming 2nd as the UK entrant in the Eurovision song contest (a placing that has yet to be beaten!)
All of this experience has proven that the Nottingham born singer is hot property, and rightly so. With every note, Imaani breathes pure feeling into any project that she graces. In testament to this talent, her current dance single ‘Live Without Love’ found her once again at the No 1 slot in the Traxsource download charts.


See Imaani live at #MCXLive September 28th at London's Jazz Café. Tickets available here!