Wednesday 20 August 2014

#MCXLiveArtistSpotlight: Gwendolyn Collins

Gwendolyn Collins

A native of New Jersey, Gwendolyn Collins was blessed with the gift of song. Her distinctive style moves effortlessly  between  genres whilst always staying true to her trademark soulful flavour.

From  performing  as  lead  songstress  for  large national  and international bands, to accompanying intimate Jazz trios, Gwendolyn has cultivated her talent through heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals.

Her  hard  work  and  experience  during  her formative  years  can  be heard  throughout her lush  debut  offering,  ‘Storytelling  Side  I’.  This
musical  storytelling  album  treats  listeners  to  a compilation  of  soul stories, infused with her individual style of rich vocals, and melodic harmonies, developed through sophisticated sultry Jazzy Soul. 

The album’s lead single, ‘The Simple Things’ hit the top 5 in both the UK and Nigerian charts proving that Collins’ singular vision can also achieve notable  commercial  success.  ‘Storytelling Side  I’ showcases Gwendolyn’s  considerable  song-writing  and  production  talents  and sets  the  stage for  the first  act  in  a  career  that will  demand many encores. 

Check out the her out on YouTube and see her live in London, Paris, Liverpool and Birmingham with MusicConnex.

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