Monday, 17 June 2013

New Music: VV Brown 'Samson'

VV Brown is back!

After the cancellation of the album release 'Lollopops and Politics' in 2012, Brown has been relatively quiet on the scene with regards to any physical release. 
She is now gearing up for release of her single 'Samson' which has a completely new sound to it. It would be fair to say that this track sits comfortably in the electronic genre which is very different from  Brown's previous releases. Her vocal is not diminished by this, it is simply used as another tool to explore her vocal prowess. It will be intersting to hear what else comes from Brown and this new sound. 
Check out the track below and tell us what you think.

Written By: Claire Cripps
Images By: MusicConnex does not own the copyright to any images shown. Image's used were sourced here.  

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