Saturday, 15 June 2013

News: PRS & The Arts Council announce new scheme to help musicians

At MusicConnex we are huge music fans. It comes as no surprise that we should want to find more and more opportunities to help support musicians in any way possible.  

In May at The Great Escape, it was announced that PRS and Arts Council England have entered into a collaboration they call the Momentum Music Fund (MMF). In summary they have invested £500,000 in National Lottery money over a two year period, with the focus being on enabling artists and bands to apply for small grants which can range from £5000 to £15,000 to help support both development and long term career.

The first deadline for application is Friday 28th June 2013, with awards being announced in August 2013. Further rounds will be announced towards the end of the year. You can apply here.

This is a brilliant scheme. Those of us with a love of music understand how hard it can be to source support in order to be able to develop your music or your career. Its a tough landscape out there with more focus being put on an artist already being 'the finished product' upon signing. This help could well be the difference between someone being able to pursue music or having to give it up. To us, that makes this scheme priceless.

Article By: Claire Cripps
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