Thursday, 26 September 2013

Interview: MCX Showcase Part 3 ft Charlene

Having been spotted at a Conya Doss show when she was invited to sing on stage in early 2011, Charlene has been a part of the MusicConnex family ever since. We have seen her grow and develop and we are so
excited to see her release her album titled 'Good Day' at the September showcase. We recently sat down with the talented young London born songstress to see what she had been up to since the last time we saw her.

CC: What have you been working on since we last saw you at the June MusicConnex showcase? 

C: Finishing my album, which is now complete, and I'm very excited about it. I’m now just working on all of the admin around that, the liner notes and getting all of the artwork together. 

CC: What can we look forward to hearing from you at the September MusicConnex showcase? 
C: Brand new exclusive tracks from the album never played live before! I am so excited to share them. 

CC: Who are your biggest influences music wise?
C: Jill Scott is a huge one for me. My brother thankfully bought me her first album and I have been in awe of her since that fist listen. There are literally no words for how amazing she is. I saw her live in Brixton and she was just, well there are no words. The level that she operates on is just out of this world. 

CC: If you could collaborate with any other artist dead or alive, who would if be and why?

C: It would definitely be Jill Scott.  I also love Bossa Nova songs like for example 'The Girl from Ipanema', I would love to work with Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto that would be amazing. 

CC: What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?
C: Keep on going, don't give up doing what you love and be yourself. 

CC: What advice would you give to aspiring singer/ songwriters? 
C: I would offer the same advice as above but add to it that it’s so important to have an amazing team around you. There can be sharks in the industry but to have a great team around you encouraging you and being there to see you through your journey means so much. The people I have had around me have meant so much. Its made a huge difference to me. 

CC: What was the last track you listened to?
C: Michael Jackson 'PYT' was the last track. I’ve been playing that a lot lately. Its an oldie but a goodie. Loving soca type rhythms at the moment and this track called 'That Thing' by Atumpan is on heavy rotation.

CC: What’s your preference: Download, cd, tape or Vinyl? 
C: Download because I get to take so much of my music collection with me everywhere. I’m sure I should say Vinyl but it’s just not transportable. 

CC: Describe your perfect day? 
C: Wake up, a lovely sunny day, there would have to be food involved (laughs) go for brunch with the girls, maybe go to the park after for a game of rounder’s, I'm pretty active so I love to get outdoors. Followed by a gig somewhere in the evening and some more food (laughs again). 

That sounds like a pretty wonderful day to me! 

We were lucky enough to be given access to some promo tracks from the upcoming album ahead of her album release at the September showcase series and we are so excited for you all to hear the material at the showcase. We pressed play on the albums name sake 'Good Day' and it's a fantastic track. Very summery and light. Bouncy and easy to listen to. 'It was my first kiss of the day, sun literally kissed my body', I love that line. This is a classic feel good track. You cannot help but feel happy and lifted from it. Charlene's voice is so captivating and honey like. 

Following this track we heard 'Central Line' which is funky as all hell from the first beat. It has this driving beat which gets your foot tapping immediately and draws you into the story. The way that Charlene works the melody on top of the track is perfect. This song feels like an ode to those old Motown tracks we would all hear but it has its own more modern feel and energy. 

If these two tracks are even a small example of what is in store for us on this album then this album is going to be amazing from start to finish. I for one will be purchasing it as soon as I can. 

See you all at the showcase :)

Article By: Claire Cripps

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