Friday, 6 September 2013

New Music: Jill Scott & Robert Glasper 'Calls'

These two artist's are absolutely sublime in their own right so the combination of the two on one track is asking for some form of musical magic. That is exactly what has been achieved here. 

Each time this comes on the radio, you can not help but have a moment where the song washes over you like a smooth breeze on a hot summers day. It's the kind of music which enhances your day no matter how amazing it already is. 

A classic summer track which is begging to be teamed with a relaxed afternoon in the sun. 

With Jill Scott's honey filled vocal melody taking you right back to her first album and immediately pulling you into the song; teamed with the Glasper Rhodes sound supporting and enhancing each verse and taking you on a musical journey; this song is wonderful from start to finish. Highly recommended. 

'Calls' is from the new Robert Glasper album titled 'Black Radio 2' due for release on October 28th. Jill Scott is rumoured to be busy working on new material of her own and we are eager to get our hands on both of these projects! 

Article By: Claire Cripps

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